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Thread: Question related to net income

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    Question Question related to net income

    Hello Phalynx!

    First of all I'd like to thank you for this great analyzer tool! I just signed up a few days ago so I'm just getting familiarized to it, but I think it's a very "powerful" statistical application, very interesting!

    The reason why I created this thread is because I'm not sure if my net income will be calculated properly. I think that because the automatic repair option is off in my game (because I like to review all my battles, but if a tank comes out of a battle and gets repaired while I fight in another vehicle, most probably I would miss the earlier battle report. However a burned out tank is a very good reminder that I have an unreviewed battle report somewhere. ).
    Therefore -if I presume it correctly- the vbaddict application won't get the information about the costs of the manual repair, thus it won't be deducted from the gross income, and so will be my net income statistics incorrect.

    My question is: is this above correct? If yes, what are my options to get correct stats? Should I always keep my "auto repair" settings on?

    (Sorry if this is a duplicated thread, in this case I'd be grateful if you could just point me to the thread where this is discussed and I can read more about the cost calculations.)

    Thank you, and keep up the good work with this site!


    Solved on the official WOT forum.
    Thanks again!
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