- the fact the tank in hangar always displays winter camo is a bug
- T69 has a huge gold ammo penetration (300) "for historical and balance reasons"
- M4A2E4 nerf is a "rollback" according to Storm and as for the Ram II, "nerf" is too strong a word
- the LFP Panther thickness is now 50mm for historical reasons - counts for Ausf.G hull (Storm quotes Jentz and Spielberger, posts this picture and quotes this book part as a reason for the LFP lower thickness), Storm also states the numbers WG used fits the Spielberger books (SS: not really, just checked, Spielberger in his book "Panther and its variants" on page 248 clearly states the LFP thickness for Panther Ausf. A, D and G was 60mm, Storm says it's an error in Spielberger's drawing)
- in 8.4, the profitability and repair costs of VK2801 were changed too
- if you have a bug during 8.4 that the textures are way too dark (like here), it can be fixed by setting the texture quality to maximum.
- it's not possible to turn on the removed speed governor consumable during the initial battle countdown simply because noone ask for this option