Well, as you have already heard, Overlord stated the Leopard 1 will come in 8.5. With that in mind, I think it's safe to confirm that the Indienpanzer, Leopard Prototype and Leopard 1 are being supertested atm. There might be screenies, there might be not, we'll see.

Today I skipped all sorts of dumb questions, Russian specific stuff (f.x. when will SerB be in that and that city) and other garbage, lot of SerB trolling again

- Q: "Please do tell me, dear developers, do you plan to give new premium tanks to the Ivans?" A: "Nope, only to Alexei's"
- SerB on the influence of forum members on the game development: "Yes, all the forum projects are the work of an active minority. A minority, but active. That's we we do and we will support the forums, but we are not going to act on every whim of the forum members." (SS: not an exact translation, I hope this way it makes more sense in english)
- the "potential damage dealt" variable is not new (it's been here for 2 years), it's used to calculate certain archievement
- sometimes, tanks with better hp/ton ratio turn slower, this is due to the "quality of the suspension", which works "via the physics model"
- there will be guns with better than 0.3 accuracy "if needed"
- AMX M4 45 depression buff is "historical"
- Q: "How am I supposed to fight British T5 TD with 100-200mm armor in a tier 3 tank?" A: "Light her up for your arty or top tanks, kill the escorts, capture the base. It's a team game. If you don't like that, perhaps you'd like to play Barbie Online?"
- SerB states that Minsk is a great place to live in
- no plans to use the 88mm L/100 for any other tank for now
- hard-mode (tanks without HP, no autoaim etc.) won't be implemented
- driver perk that would increase the power of the engine is not planned
- the AMX ELC had the option to autoalign the hull with the gun removed, because it was never intended to have it in the first place

Overlord info (his answers summed up)
Source: http://overlord-wot.blogspot.cz/2013...l#comment-form

Q: German TD's?
A: Somewhere in late 2013. German mediums are to come in 8.5, as for TDs - late autumn - winter I'd say.

Q: The future of WoT for 2013?
A: You already know what is coming for 8.4, I guess. What we have for this year more British tanks, German MT line with Leo (soonish), stretching SPGs to 10 tiers, prolly Japs if they make it.

Q: What about endgame content?
A: "Proper" endgame content is in the works. 7/42 is promoted as main esports format.

Q: How's Maus and E-100 doing?
A: Mauses are used on city maps like Himmelsdorf and Erlenberg, while E100s are even more popular on CWs. Can't say they are not used at all.