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Thread: For the Record: Storm: Vbaddict map statistics not correct

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    For the Record: Storm: Vbaddict map statistics not correct

    Source: Hello everyone, recently, the Russian community discovered the vbaddict site and its map statistics. One of the prominent Russian streamers, Murazor, made a video, where he basically criticizes Wargaming for map disbalance and all that. Run-of-the-mill map moaning is not exactly something interesting. What is interesting is the fact that Storm appeared in the comment section to write about the vbaddict site. According to his posts, the new map Northwest is not imbalanced (when it comes to base winrate, there is 2 percent difference). Regarding the site itself, he writes: “I don’t know how they collected and processed the data but in the end they got some garbage. There are many disbalances, but other – not those they wrote about.” Storm later states that he is aware there are imbalanced maps and they will be reworked in order to fix it. He also states he cannot post the exact list of maps scheduled for rework, but from his earlier posts we know Redshire and Highway are considered problematic, as are the Steppes (where a problem arose with the arty nerf). From other info: - there is a possibility roaming will NOT be implemented at all, there are a lot of issues, including technical ones - the roaming we see on EU server is confirmed by Storm to be the test of the concept - Redshire map is the leader, when it comes to camping - Redshire will be reworked in the patch coming after 8.10 (SS: prolly 9.0) - there is a slight disbalance on the Northwest map, it will be fixed - Storm states that the site itself is fine, just the statistics are off


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