- Vickers Mk.I was not, is not and will not be considered for tier 8 premium British tank
- more than 3 types of shells per vehicle are not considered for now
- one of the "canonical" Japanese Ho-Ri variant pictures has 7 roadwheels - SerB is not sure if it's an error or a different chassis (Chi-To)
- no league MM planned (SerB states it's not technically difficult, but not needed)
- it's possible that the HEAT mechanics will be modified so that the gap between armor screen (spaced armor) and the main armor has more effect (SS: if I understood this correctly)
- Q: "Why is the E-50 gun gold round of the 88 L/100 of the E-50 more expensive than the E-75 gold shells?" A: "Because the Ahnenerbe had to transport not only the gun from the future, but also each round for it"
- special rewards for top 5-10 server clans are not planned for now
- new modes will come in time (SS: by this, historical and garage battles are meant most likely)
- the AMX ELC change (hull lock possibility removed) didn't make it to patchnotes, as stuff gets forgotten sometimes
- the "cap" plate above the IS-4 mantlet is not a part of the hitbox, any shots at it pass thru it into the roof behind it
- post-battle chat? "it's possible" (SS: wtf? didn't SerB deny it yesterday on Riddit)
- company and random statistics will be separate in the future, platoon and random won't
- so far there is no official opinion on XVM (whether it's bad or good)
- the tank drifting is okay as it is according to devs
- in 0.8.4, the limit 72km/h was lifted, Storm states there are still issues (namely with shell penetration during high speeds), but these issues are so rare they decided to lift the limit
- no additional penalty for drowning will be implemented, as the amount of drowners after implementing full repair costs for drowning dropped substantially
- there are no plans to actually implement damage from battle into the replay filename
- British 6-pdr guns were analogical to the Soviet 57mm ZIS-4 when it came to penetration abilities
- railways on all maps will be made lower (so the tank doesnt rock too much)
- Storm doesn't think the British TDs are overpowered
- Christie tanks will definitely not come in 2013
- Ola got promoted, she doesn't have time anymore (for public WoT appearances)
- it is already decided, what comes in 0.8.5, devs are working on it right now, it will be (also) something else than just a branch of tanks

Also, a player named Bersrk wrote a few articles on WoT Wiki (in Russian) of alternative German TD's. It's unclear, how authentic the module statistics are:

Marder III
Sturer Emil