Unfortunately my internet died in the middle of deploying the update, so I wasn’t able to quickly squish the bugs that needed squished, but I’ve managed to get around to it.
What changed?

  • Replays are now processed in the background, this means that after uploading it’s safe to navigate away from the upload page, your replay will eventually show up on the front page
  • A new design – yes, it looks a lot like the previous one, but hey you can’t have it all. The advantage is that it now uses a CSS framework, so things can be put together in a nice uniform way
  • Some of the site code got overhauled and all blocking calls were removed or swapped out for non-blocking calls – this geek speak means that it can now deal with more traffic

Still on the list of open issues is the following:

  • Profile page doesn’t actually render properly, just haven’t gotten to it yet
  • The replay processor has a tendency to get stuck in a loop and process the same replay multiple times, this is something that I’m investigating at the moment since this behaviour shouldn’t be possible, but somehow is. Go me for writing vague voodoo code…
  • The WN7 stats for a replay are currently not being fetched due to Statterbox having update issues of it’s own
  • Clan war replays do not display right, at all

More to come in the near future