A few more issues got taken care of, one of which lead to some redesign, turns out the vehicle icons get cut off sometimes – but that’s due to them being like that in-game as well. Fixed it by adding some eyecandy. Processing doesn’t lock up anymore, although the way it works now is noticeably slower than before – it now does things serially instead of parallel.
So, as to what’s cooking?

  • Dropbox integration; allows you to link your Dropbox to wotreplays.org, which means we can look through your Dropbox for replay files. When new ones are found, they are automatically processed.
  • Email notification; basically a way to get notified when your replays are done processing. Not entirely useful for single-file uploads, but very much useful for the above Dropbox integration. Will email you on a daily (or hourly, or … whatever you choose, really) basis with a list of new replays that were processed.
  • A new filter system for browsing; similar to wotreplays.com’s filter, which lets you select multiple vehicles, maps, and other things.
  • Redesign of replay view page; the current page doesn’t list as much of the information as is available (especially not in the xp/credits area), but a redesign is needed for it. I’m entertaining the idea of doing a mock-up contest where you can win some goldz(tm), but that’s still up in the air. Clan war replay handling; right now clan war replays are public if you don’t explicitly hide them, in the near future this feature will change and by default CW replays can only be seen by users that are logged in and are members of the clan. There is no option to make them public; but you can still hide them from clan members.