Hello everyone,

recently, I got my hands on Wargaming supertest monthly (?) evaluation sheet. I'll just post some numbers in case you are interested.

Currently, there are 720 people active on the supertest. Out of that, 2 are "translators" (everything on supertest is in Russian, at least the mail communication has to be translated to english), 32 are "coordinators"and the rest (686) are regular supertesters.

Out of regular supertesters, 66 are Europeans, 1 is American and the 620 are Russians. Supertesters are required to perform a certain amount of tests per months, otherwise they get a warning first and then they get fired. This doesn't seem to be working, as most supertesters seem to log in just to "look at the new stuff" Currently, roughly one half of supertesters performed 5 tests or less per month and 254 out of those 720 did NOTHING at all for the last month. Lol.

This has of course consequences. Currently out of those 720, 85 people recieved a warning (sometimes for funny reasons: spamming, messing up tests, breaking the rules of screenshot taking. AFK in test client... supertest must be a great place). Interesting fact is that all those people who have warnings are Russians.

Furthermore out of those 720, 118 people are getting fired. Out of those 118, 4 are Europeans and out of those 4, 2 are Czechs (lol, good job, Xitix and majogl, nice representation).

Each supertester is being marked by a number of points. According to those points (indirectly) he is "paid" with gold. Total number of points awarded for this month was 20691, out of which the best supertester got 402, second best 380 - both Russian. Best EU supertester is 16th.