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Thread: New packet information, packet 0x08, sub type 0x1d

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    New packet information, packet 0x08, sub type 0x1d

    The above matches exactly to the onArena* update events. If you ever wanted an accurate clock, look for a packet 0x08, subtype 0x1d, then read the byte at offset 12. This is the update type as you can find it in common/constants.

    All updates contain a python pickle, offset varies a little bit, but either offset 13 for a length byte, and offset 14 to end of packet for the pickle, or offset 15 for a short, and then the same.

    Update type 3 contains an array, elements:

    0 - the new period (see constants/common, 2 == countdown, 3 == battle start)
    1 - not sure
    2 - the match time in seconds
    3 - an array of... not sure.

    Update type 7 contains a pickle with just a vehicle ID, this is the "Avatar ready" packet which indicates someone has connected (e.g. on the team list they show up regular instead of dimmed).

    Working on the rest, will push an update to the wot-replay-parser repository soon if you want to know more

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    Interesting. That makes the clock for the Battle Simulator a bit more precise.

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    Yeah, I've put some bits on the wiki as well, still busy poking at it, I've got a feeling packet type 0x07 contains all the onAvatar and onPlayer events, trying to figure out based on the packet format and seeing what the event handlers in the python code expect.

    At this rate, I think I can simulate the entire damn battle... all I need now is a 3d model viewer and heck, we have ourselves a replay playbacker :P


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