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Thread: Battle Simulator not functioning for clanwars.

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    Battle Simulator not functioning for clanwars.

    AMAZING, the battle simulator is the best thing since sliced bread!!

    Been playing around with it after seeing a post by Ruestir on the WOT forums. I've watched several of his replays and it seems to work great.

    However, last night I uploaded one of my replays from a CW battle we had and it's missing a few items...

    1) Doesn't show enemy team icons
    2) Doesn't show damage give (does show damage taken and when a player is killed)

    So I'm not sure if this is CW specific or something wrong with my replay. I guess I could try and upload a regular replay to see, but wanted to post this here as I wasn't able to find much discussion on the battle simulator.

    Thanks again, amazing stuff you have going on here!

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    Battle Simulator does not work correct for CW Battles, I'm aware of it. Will improve it after that launch of vBAddict 2.0

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    Great. Thanks for the quick reply!


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