Well, let's have some good news, shall we?

- client side physics (SS: Havok) development is now in full swing
- there will be separate statistics for random battles, companies and clans
- there will be no account reset option, or XP full redistribution
- apparently there will be no new maps for historical battles (and if there are, they have very low prio atm)
- the history battle winnign conditions will probably be the same
- bots in WoT (historical battles)? "not soon and maybe not at all"
- each historical battle will most likely have some description what it was about and where it took place
- in historical battles, tanks will have historical modules and the matchmaking will be special too
- there will most likely be no Soviet tier 8 premium tanks with high penetration, as historically, the soviet shell penetration became better only after the war and the post-war vehicles don't really fit the T8 position when it comes to their other characteristics
- devs were considering the IS-2 version with a M-62 prototype gun for implementation, but there are very few data on it apart from the fact it existed
- "Province" map won't return to high tier battles
- according to Storm, Lowe mobility was not nerfed in 8.4, Lowe also won't become heavier (even though it became bigger)
- PaK 36(r) and Pak 40 have historical penetration in game, it's not decided for now, whether the Marder II, which historically had the PaK 40 will lose the PaK 36(r) when Marder III (that had it) is introduced
- buildings (objects) do not block sound spread, each sound has its own range
- it's possible "battlefield" maps will be introduced, with a lot of destroyed buildings, trenches etc.
- there are no trenches in the game, as the tanks would get stuck in them
- IS-7 won't be in historical battles