While 2nd iteration of v. 0.8.10 update is being worked on, what are your thoughts on the upcoming patch so far?

As a reminder, it's a mostly content update that brings:

  • New Japanese tech tree
  • 2 new Soviet meds
  • Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Jap prem
  • Type 64 Chinese prem light
  • Japanese map - Hidden Village
  • Reworked maps - Karelia, Mines, El-Halluf, Airfield, Steppes
  • Shooting through some objects is now possible with AP / APCR shells
  • New maps added for team battle mode
  • Graphic/visual improvements - how is performance by the way?
    • Reworked lighting and light sources for all maps. Reworked brightness and contrast. Improved texture precision
    • Reworked mist/fog
    • Added moving shadows of clouds
    • Reworked "bloom" effect
    • Added sun-rays (god rays) effect and lens flare effect when looking at the sun
    • Added motion blur when moving camera
    • Added full-screen filter settings (different brightness, colour, and contrast options)

Some screenies for those who haven't yet seen all the beauty: