Quick little summary of what I want to get done this month:

  • Make the entire site I18N capable, this means that you can browse the site in your favorite language. This will eventually include all game data as well, such as tank names, map names, and so on. Will only work for LTR (left-to-right) languages, so no Arabic or Hebrew translations…
  • Battle Viewer with more events such as sixth sense firing for the recording player, critical hit displays, and other such things
  • No more pre-generated map images for the Battle viewer, meaning that all elements (base flags, etc.) will be dynamically placed, this means that the battle viewer maps can be made bigger.
  • Release of the wotreplays.org mod – been working on this for a while, and it’s getting to the point of being ready for testing. It will automatically upload replays of matches to the site, and will also be able to handle replays of matches where you left before the match ended, as long as you view the battle result afterwards. It will do this by uploading the replay, and if it doesn’t have a battle result it’s put in a queue where it will wait and see if the mod will upload the battle result belonging to that replay, if that happens, the replay is then processed. If it doesn’t happen within 24 hours, the replay is discarded.

I’m also asking for volunteers, I need a few good men (or women) for the following:

  • European server denizens: if you are using the client in your native language (not English), please make a zip file of the ‘res\text’ folder inside your World of Tanks folder and send that to me at scrambled@the-domain-of-the-site.org – that lets me easily collect the various different language packs
  • People willing to beta-test the mod described above; because it may wreck your replays, your client, or your cat… Interested? Let me know!