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Thread: unable to copy log to clipboard when it's displaying an error

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    unable to copy log to clipboard when it's displaying an error

    works fine usually : 00:28:11: Active Dossier Uploader v3.0.3.0 00:28:11: Online: ADU is now working online. 00:28:12: File added for upload: 168584846508875813.dat - offline 00:28:12: File added for upload: 45570424736376328.dat - offline 00:28:12: File added for upload: 20131214_2336_france-F10_AMX_50B_19_monastery.wotreplay 00:28:12: File added for upload: 20131214_2348_usa-T29_42_north_america.wotreplay 00:28:12: File added for upload: 20131214_2356_ussr-ISU-152_13_erlenberg.wotreplay 00:28:12: Dossier Add Queue: NRXWO2LOFZYDELTXN5ZGYZDPMZ2GC3TLOMXGK5J2GIYDAMJWHNSWYRTSMVSA====.dat 00:28:12: File added for upload: (redirect from 00:28:12: Deleting old logfile Log_20131207.log 00:28:14: Uploading BattleResult: 168584846508875813.dat - offline 00:28:15: Uploading BattleResult: 168584846508875813.dat - offline was a SUCCESS (0 kb/s) 00:28:15: Uploading BattleResult: 45570424736376328.dat - offline 00:28:17: Uploading BattleResult: 45570424736376328.dat - offline was a SUCCESS (0 kb/s) 00:28:17: Uploading Replay: 20131214_2336_france-F10_AMX_50B_19_monastery.wotreplay 00:28:31: Uploading Replay: 20131214_2336_france-F10_AMX_50B_19_monastery.wotreplay was a SUCCESS (68 kb/s) 00:28:31: File added for upload: 61267194468427860.dat 00:28:32: File added for upload: vBAddict_VD_6209.json 00:28:32: File added for upload: vBAddict_VD_64065.json 00:28:32: File added for upload: vBAddict_VD_6721.json 00:28:32: File added for upload: vBAddict_VD_7425.json 00:28:32: File added for upload: vBAddict_VD_9745.json 00:28:32: Uploading Replay: 20131214_2348_usa-T29_42_north_america.wotreplay 00:28:48: Uploading Replay: 20131214_2348_usa-T29_42_north_america.wotreplay was a SUCCESS (64 kb/s) 00:28:48: Uploading Replay: 20131214_2356_ussr-ISU-152_13_erlenberg.wotreplay 00:29:13: Uploading Replay: 20131214_2356_ussr-ISU-152_13_erlenberg.wotreplay was a SUCCESS (63 kb/s) 00:29:13: Uploading Dossier: (redirect from 00:29:23: Uploading Dossier: (redirect from was a SUCCESS (7 kb/s) 00:29:23: Uploading BattleResult: 61267194468427860.dat 00:29:24: Uploading BattleResult: 61267194468427860.dat was a SUCCESS (7 kb/s) 00:29:24: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_6209.json 00:29:25: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_6209.json was a SUCCESS (7 kb/s) 00:29:25: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_64065.json 00:29:25: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_64065.json was a SUCCESS (7 kb/s) 00:29:26: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_6721.json 00:29:26: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_6721.json was a SUCCESS (7 kb/s) 00:29:27: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_7425.json 00:29:28: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_7425.json was a SUCCESS (7 kb/s) 00:29:28: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_9745.json 00:29:28: Uploading ATS: vBAddict_VD_9745.json was a SUCCESS (7 kb/s)

    but when something bad happen like in this log 00:27:43: New Status for queued file: C:\Users\Fred\AppData\Roaming\\WorldOfTanks\battle_results\MVWEM4TFMQ5TCNRQGUZQ====\168584846508875813.dat Retry 00:27:44: DEBUG CHANGE STATE TO Errors 00:27:44: Error: Une exception s'est produite lors d'une demande WebClient. 00:27:44: Error: FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\Fred\AppData\Roaming\\WorldOfTanks\battle_results\MVWEM4TFMQ5TCNRQGUZQ====\168584846508875813.dat 00:27:44: DEBUG CHANGE SERVER STATUS TO Offline 00:27:44: DEBUG FILL AND UPLOAD START >>>>>>>>>>>>

    it throw an exception

    As soon as I can reproduce I'll post the stack trace

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    That can happen sometimes, no need for the stack trace. The files was cached and after that deleted by WoT. It will be uploaded next time.

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    sure ,the workaround I found was to restart the uploader.


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