I've been writing articles here for a few months. So far we've covered every type of combat (Ground, Air and Sea) from 1914-1983.

While the readership has been steadily growing, I have noticed some trends. So I wanted to take this time to gather feedback from you, the people who read my material.

The subject of the articles is something I wanted to ask about as well. Looking at the amount of readers it shows up something a bit odd. The two best performing articles had about three to four thousand readers. The last two articles have had under 500 each.
Now at a glance you'd say its because of the subject matter. However theatres other thank tank based have done well in the past.

So in short, what do you want to see articles on? Or any other feedback on the history articles I've been writing. This is the time and place to speak up and effect what happens to the articles over the next year.

Thanks for your time.