So in an earlier post I mentioned that Wargaming was planning on implementing a new way to handle replays, it seems that now it will take the form of having an in-game browser being used to browse replays stored on Wargaming's servers.

Sounds kind of familiar doesn't it? Except, of course, the part where it's Wargaming's servers.

If it ends up taking that shape, it think it'll mean the end of 3rd party replay hosting sites like, and the few others out there. After all, why bother attempting to reverse engineer a replay and display all the salient details when Wargaming, who created the format in the first place, can do it easily - and therefore, most likely better.

It does mean that I'm not too intent on adding new features right now, the things I wanted to add all require a heck of a lot of work, but if in the end it all turns out to be for nothing I'd rather spend that time doing something else (like being bad@tanks, for example).

There is, of course, the sick and twisted hope that Wargaming just outright buys or something, after all it already does what they want... mostly. But that's just one of those "wouldn't it be ironic and somehow funny if..." things.