Nothing visual really changed, the only exception being heatmaps have gone blank for the time being, part of the 0.8.10 update was also adjusting the heat maps a little, but I didn’t get around to doing that so, they show no data right now.
Battle heatmaps were altered a little and now show more accurately where people have been at most during a battle.
Other than that some background changes have been made, some of those now mean that clan-only access and sharing of replays is now a very close possibility.
A slight drawback is that 0.8.10 seems to be a rather volatile beast, certain mods (and I’m still trying to figure out which ones) seem to completely bugger replay saving; they’ll work the first time around, e.g. renaming the temp.wotreplay file to the proper name, but after that it will create a temp1.wotreplay file that isn’t altered at all, and neither is the temp.wotreplay file – as if replays were turned off; strangely enough, the – at that point – existing renamed file now contains another replay altogether. It’s like the ‘save all’ and ‘save last’ option went and had wild monkeysecks and this is their bastard child.
Without mods, it works fine. Oddly enough the mods I run don’t go anywhere near replays, which is why I said 8.10 is a volatile little snowflake, it seems anything can piss in it’s cheerios.