- Panzer IV Schmal can meet tier 8 vehicles in battle
- AMX-50B buff is not planned for now
- Waffenträgers confirmed for this year
- Q: "Does Wargaming plant to also buy Sun Soft, Microsoft, Valve and others?" A: "The little ones are not interesting for us"
- it's possible that when the MT-25 replaces the T-50-2, owners will get a new crewmember
- arty shells exploding in mid air (as seen here) is just a graphical glitch, the explosion animation is triggered early - in reality the shell travels correctly and does damage as it should, just the explosion graphics are wrong, it will be fixed in next patch
- it's too early to tell the definitive characteristicks of the Aufklärungspanzer Panther, the vehicle is still tested
- the improvements Wargaming makes on Big World will not be passed (sold) to other companies using this engine