Bet I scared a lot of you didn’t I?
It’s almost 2014, which means that between now and next week I’m not around as much as I usually am; that also means that non-critical bugs will have to wait until I’m done recovering from what looks to be shaping up as a badass new years party.
On a side note, thanks to our latest donator the monthly goal has been reached and the server bill will be paid as soon as I get it (1st of the month, usually). I’d like to say that most of the goal meeting was due to a few people donating rather significantly – and while I really do appreciate that, I’d love it if everyone would just pitch in. I know, Paypal sucks for really tiny amounts, but hey, if everyone throws 2 bucks in the pot, it’ll pay for the server and a decent amount of my time that I can spend working on things full time (as opposed to hiding it away in the evening and weekends :P)
Anyway, I digress… there’s a few features planned that will be released in the new year, I guess you could say this is the Q1 roadmap for 2014!

  • View/Share restrictions; most clans don’t like uploading their CW replays because they can be seen by people outside of the clan if they’re public, and if they’re private all it takes is a leaked link and hey, there’s your replay. With this feature, people can basically restrict one (or more) of their replays either based on player name, player clan, the current “know the link and you’re good” system. Additionally, any clan war replay that is uploaded is by default only visible to people currently in said clan. Peoples’ clan information is updated at least once per 24 hours, to avoid hammering the WG API too much and upsetting the scary Russians…
  • Clan pages; this will be a premium feature. That means it’ll cost money, but altogether it’s about the equivalent of a Big Mac every month. Or a Whopper, whichever you prefer really. Clan pages let any clan sign up, and customise the entire layout and theme to their liking. It will then start displaying replays made by clan members, and so on. Of course, clan war replays are only visible to people in the clan unless explicitly made public – by someone who has the rights to do so.
  • Internationalisation; some of it is already in place, but I’ll slowly be adding multiple language support to the site. Event Handling; currently SEA has a recurring weekend event in which 7×7 company battles are fought and people can win gold. Right now it means that everyone has to keep track of their own replays, and the results aren’t always obvious. What will be coming is a way for WG events staff to define events, set the rules that a replay must satisfy (to use the above events as an example; the match must be a team battle, must be a victory, and all players must be in the same clan – and there need to be 10 replays that satisfy those results, with the same players, where the battle was fought between 14:00 and whatever-o-clock UTC+8) and tally up results in an easy to view page. Not only that, but players participating will be able to use a custom upload page which will have high-priority processing enabled, will automatically group the resulting replays together in a set, and will let people post a single URL to their competing set of replays – with custom overviews and the works.

The event feature especially is something I’m quite intent on working on, and will probably be the first new “big” feature released in the new year.
For now a happy new year to everyone, have fun tanking, and don’t fuck with fireworks.