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Thread: ADU for Everybody?

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    ADU for Everybody?

    Thanks Phalynx:

    MY friend, on who's computer I run WOT, now runs ADU. Thanks for explaining how the program works to me.

    One quick question. How can we tell which version of ADU we are running?

    Three of us play WoT on that computer, and there are a couple of other accounts that aren't being used.

    I selected all of the WoT accounts in the ADU's configuration's list. When I left the configuration window, all of the accounts in the list were highlighted.

    My profile wasn't being uploaded. When I checked ADU's configuration, only one account in the list was highlighted.

    Can multiple accounts on a computer be uploaded by ADU?

    Thanks for this page.

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    The Version is visible in the title of the application. Just mark the current profile and ADU should upload data of this.


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