The end of the year is usually the time to summarize things and events in many spheres.

Let's do that in relation to Wargaming, its games and services.

We did a lot in 2013. Ten (10?) big updates for World of Tanks - my honest opinion is that the game now is better than it ever was. New game modes (finally), HD content (tanks), and many other delicious things are planned for 2014.

We've launched our second game - World of Warplanes. The road to release might have not been perfect all the way through, however the game is steadily becoming better and aiming for a long lifecycle.

World of Warships is already massive and fun to play. It's time is yet to come.

Just as for World of Tanks: Generals and World of Tanks Blitz. Both are coming out earlier. :)

What did you like most and least about us in 2013? What makes you look forward to 2014?

PS: Happy NY!

PPS: Soviet tech tree for WoT Blitz