SS: Here's an e-mail I recieved from a concerned supertester - I am publishing it with his consent. I will leave it as it is (only removed some parts according to which the supertester could be identified). I will leave it up to you, dear readers, to decide whether it's true or not. Generally, after consulting the e-mail with my other supertest source - it checks out, even though I cannot guarantee it's totally accurate (especially the gold-illegal-in-EU part).

Heya SilentStalker,

I have a nice juicy story for you. Straight outta supertest.

A lot of the supertesters kicked today, are not kicked for inactivity. They are kicked because WG did not like their face, or their hair, or their voice, or their name or something else. Why? Because even very active supertesters were kicked. I, for example. I had *redacted*. Which was quite a lot compared to other EU testers, some of them didn't show up _at_ _all_. They were not kicked.

Fishey eh? Well, it gets worse. We have been told by supertest coordinators that EU testers could not be kicked, the mail about that, was only intended for the Russian players. It was not for us, because we just entered the supertest.

Can it get fishier? Of course, this is WG after all. The mail about the kick was only send in Russian, there was no translation. We were not warned about inactivity, the kick was suddenly there. And, Wargaming gotta wargame, we were kicked by a dude (Marokko) WHO WAS ON HOLIDAY.

Is it possible to get even fishier? Of course! The decision is final. The EU supertest coordinator tried to re-roll the EU kicks, but was not able to and was informed: "The decision is final".

We should have reached the limit of fishy-ness by now. But no! It is forbidden, by the law of the European Union, to pay people for their work by means of virtual gold/stuff. How do I know this? Because WARGAMING TOLD ME SO. They plan to pay the EU players the same way as the Russian players. If they do so, they are in violation of the EU law.

I think we have reached the limit by now.

An ex-supertester

PS: Oh, I forgot. I can get fishier. Among the people kicked. There were all of the Dutch supertesters. Yeah, every single Dutch tester was kicked. Even the active testers.

Part 2
SS: this is a part of the second e-mail I recieved from the same source. As always, I redacted the incriminating parts.

When I was banned from the forums, I still had access to the Jabber supertest channel and had a chance to speak one of the *redacted*. (*redacted*, who is pretty awesome by the way)
As far as I could tell, he/she was very surprised and after he/she got a little more details about what happened, got furious. He/she even went as far as contacting Marokko, who is currently on holiday in Russia. Sadly, she got 'Njet' as an answer.

Marokko wouldn't even react to the kicked supertesters, even though he was online on Skype.

I did a bit of checking and noticed quite a few of the kicked testers were from the Netherlands and Germany. So far 3 from the Netherlands, and 3-4 from Germany. And a few players I haven't been able to locate yet.
Some told me it might have to do with the law about payments in virtual stuff, since the Netherlands and Germany are very strict with that, so it might have been an easy way to get rid of us. But then again, England has the same kind of laws, but those supertesters were not kicked.

And a little something about Russians vs Europeans:
The EU and Russians both have their own Jabber chat channel, and both have access to a channel where free tests are announced. To participate in a test, you have to be in Teamspeak and of course in WoT.
As soon as a test is announced in Jabber, Teamspeak or ingame, you are supposed to hop in the TS channel for that test. The Free Test Creator will then pick the players on a first come, first serve basis. Teams are balanced according to the performance rating of the players.

But here is the trick. Some Russian Free test creators tried to get rid of EU testers by saying: "You are not in the correct Jabber channel, please leave". And got Russians in their place. Voila, Russian supremacy ftw!
As soon as WG found out, they told all of the supertesters that being in Jabber was not mandatory. They also stated that if they heard of these things ever again, they would not even warn the Free test creators. As in, they will be kicked immediately.

And another small story:
Once upon a time there was a Russian Free test creator who apparently did not like EU players. I was in one of his tests once, and he told translators to tell me to use HE shells. He told them over and over and over again. A few day later, I heard someone complaining about him. The tester said that said Russian started to shout (in Russian!) at him and another EU tester, and would not stop. The EU testers told the Eu coordinators and they said they would take care of it. A few days later, mister Sanchobox had 'voluntary' left the supertest. The EU testers lived happily ever after, until some got kicked.

SS: Well, there is definitely something weird going on with the supertest, but then again... we didn't really expect something else, did we?