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Thread: XVM data, rigged MM and other conspiracies

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    XVM data, rigged MM and other conspiracies

    Hey, I've been bugged by people complaining that XVM ruins the game and is wrong too much of the time. There are the over the top claims that WG is rigging the MM by using skill based MM and other oddities.

    vbaddict (and any other replay hosting site) collects battle results as part of the dossier updater, why don't you show some of that info too?

    It would seem that the XVM predictions should be easily replicated, stored and reported. I've been getting extreme swings in XVM since Christmas and would like to see how accurate it is at other times too. Especially when related to claims of unbalanced maps and side selection. Yes, I understand how XVM works, I'd be interested to see XVM accuracy reported.

    Simple battle class make ups are on my curiosity radar too. With the arty changes, lights seeming replaced by mediums for scouting and any other quirks with matchmaking, crazy theories get put out there and perpetuated. I'm sure missions, discounts, flavor-of-the-week and OP introductions skew MM in ways, I'd like to see it reported. How often are there 14 Tiger I tanks in a single battle? Are T6 Hellcats thrown in T8 battles more than T6 battles? I've questioned the MM oddities. Just because WG has a patent for skill based MM, it doesn't mean they are using it. I usually take them at their word. However, I'm old enough to remember "Trust, but verify".

    I like this site and all that it provides and will keep providing my very average skill data to you. Congrats on having your information included with the new tank inspector. Not sure how hard these requests would be to implement, but the data is already there. Just an idea.

    Thanks for what you do.

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    what kind of data are you speaking about? I'm showing all informations which is related.

    vBAddict has a lot of data, it's now a question of selecting the interesting one.

    Doing some analysis on MM would be nice, but currently I'm busy with other stuff.

    best wishes,


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