Hello everyone,

I feel it necessery to address several questions I get asked a lot (only yesterday I recieved cca 120 e-mails, thanks for all of them guys, it's much appreciated, I will dig thru them and respond to every single one eventually).

Translations will continue as they did until now. However, there is something I'd like to address: I have nothing against people translating the stuff I write to other languages, but I do not wish that the english tranlation gets copied to official Wargaming forums straight from the blog. There are three reasons for it. First and foremost, I really don't want to see that fat twat Ectar (sorry, you pissed me off with that last comment) coming in that thread I built and gloating about "a lot of helpful content". I see no reason why Wargaming should profit in any way from what I do. At least not anymore.

Second reason is that the translations are often unclear and sometimes require additional explanations for people to understand the background. I can't obviously do that on the forums anymore, I can do it here. Third reason would be me liking to know how many people actually read my stuff and where are they from in general. Don't worry, I won't profit on that in any way, there are no ads here.

I cannot enforce this wish in any way, that much is clear, but you'd do me a favour if you helped me out here. After all, it's not that big of a deal checking the blog instead of that thread, right? Yes I know it's now banned to link my blog in general. Soviet Union style!

Well, I am here in a bit of a pickle. I have some interesting stuff here - also some pretty ugly stuff. But I am currently waiting for response from perhaps the single person in Wargaming I actually still respect (well, not entirely true, there are more people I respect to be honest - Chieftain and Challenger come to mind) and I kinda promised I'd stay away from the leaks to him. We'll see how everything goes.


Have a nice evening