So it seems that SilentStorm is now perma-banned on the EU forums for his For the Record blog; and posting the URL will get you RO'd and sanctioned in a heartbeat. I'm not a big fan of the EU moderator team, because of things like this.

The fact that Storm posted leaked info is one thing, but why punish the messenger, and not the ones who leaked the info in the first place? Probably because there's still some personal bias in the EU mod team regarding Storm. Kind of annoying to see it because it mimics the experiences I've had with them as well.

On that note, I got to thinking the other day why Wargaming has decided to re-do their replay system altogether, and store replays on the WG servers instead; because the implications are somewhat interesting depending on how it's implemented.

But worst case scenario it'd probably mean the end of, and the other few replay hosting sites out there. In a worst case scenario there is no way to download a replay file and upload it somewhere else. If this mechanism is in place, there would also be no need to have cached battle results, because they're already part of a replay, so that'd mean that all WoT statistics sites (, and the various others) are also left hanging in the wind.

You could say "oh Scrambled, you're just being pessimistic!" and you may have a point, but let's be realistic....

But that aside, there is a case to be made for it though, it greatly simplifies some things and lets them do some neat integrations with the game, but... wait, there is nothing yet! Wouldn't it be nice to visit a clan's page and see the latest fights from their members? Or clan war battles? Or tournament matches?

On that note, it's rather interesting and while I'm sure it's not related, it may be. A month or so ago I started trying to get a hold of the various eSports coordinators, and suggested an idea where perhaps they could supply me with a data feed, and replays, where I could generate tournament pages on; so each tournament would have replays per match, results, the whole nine yards. Strangely enough after making the suggestion and the "here's how I'd do it" bit... everything got very, very quiet. I thought it was just a lack of interest, or maybe a case of the busies, but it does make you wonder.

Then there's the bit where a few little birdies have mentioned that Wargaming is intending to have a very much wot-replays like web property that includes pretty much all the features I've got on my to-do list - at least, the ones I've talked about. Now the little birdie might just be trying to stir the shit pot (totally possible), but again, it does make you wonder.

In a best case scenario the implementation will be sane, and we'll still be able to save replays to disk if we decide we want to keep them, or there will be some sort of API that lets us replay fanatics fetch, sort, munge, and otherwise do stuff with the data - but somehow, I'm still very much in doubt about that. Merely storing replays on their servers serves no purpose unless you build a site around it much like or; and as soon as Wargaming does that, it's game over for this site, even if somehow we can still get access to replays; after all, I'm just one person doing this for fun, and admittedly spending way too much money (and time) on it - whereas Wargaming is a company, and can throw multiple programmers at it who get paid a salary to do it.

So yeah, there's that. Then, knowing Wargaming and the interactions I have (and haven't) had with them, I'm getting the distinct feeling that they want to kill off 3rd party sites as much as possible, probably because it's us 3rd party site guys who end up finding all sorts of things we're not supposed to find (like somewhat glaring errors in chat handling in replay files pre 0.8). Most sites only use the "public" information Wargaming put in the replay files (the JSON data, and the battle results), but a few of us (well, me, mostly) have gone through the trouble to actually dig into the raw replay data - which means decrypting and unpacking a replay, and attempting to reverse engineer the whole thing to get at the juicy data inside.

Something tells me Wargaming isn't too well pleased with things like that.

And so things come around to "so what'll happen to the site"? The answer to that one: I have no idea.