- the 25 percent spread of damage and penetration is not tied to each other (eg. if a max penetration with 25 percent bonus is applied, it does not mean you will deal maximum damage too)
- T-34-1 would underperform without the 100mm gun
- multicore support "is there for a long time already" (Storm: When the client physics is introduced, the second core will be loaded more)
- new servers will be introduced in the future
- the concept of converting free XP to crew XP (for gold) has been refused
- separation of company and random stats confirmed
- it's not clear whether KV-2 will appear in historical battles, so far the general concept is ready, not the roles of individual tanks
- it won't be possible to buy two premium tanks of the same type in the future
- British pink desert camo? "I don't like it, but I can't do anything about it, it existed"
- it's not banned to actually stream your fight (even though the enemy can theoretically go and see on the stream where you and your allies are): the reason is that to do so is just too slow and ineffective
- models of tanks will be reworked (parts of the hull will be flying off when hit), but not very soon
- camo mechanism will be changed at the earliest in 0.9.0 ("will tell later what I will do")
- Havok client physics - players will be able to disable it
- Ensk wagons will be made more visible separatedly
- viewrange 445m limit will not be removed
- IS7 ROF will not be increased apparently
- SerB states that players with too many complains are investigated, not banned automatically

And a few misc informations:

- Russian server had today a patch where the 83mm shell price was reduced from 260 to 170 credits.*trollface*
- German 0.8.5 patch: several new maps apparently, the official Leopard photos are out too. Looks nice!

- the In Development section showed an official screenie of the T-60 tank. It's reasonable to assume that the T-70 and T-80 (they were tested together) will come with it in 0.8.5

New KTTC video (well, ASAP)

Can be found here: http://worldoftanks.eu/news/6423-asa...ets-reporting/


- why was Prokhorovka changed (balance, issues with the maps, the Prokhorovka was smoothed)
- 8.5 new Asian river map (SS: well, actually there might be 3 new maps in 8.5 *wink*)
- British TD - heavy armor, unusual vehicles
- high tier premium arty - not for all nations apparently
- Sexton will become British
- Soviet T7 medium premium tank (Prototype T-44 with 85mm gun)
- gold shell for credits will stay
- horns were scrapped
- Sturmtiger: postponed till 2014
- Storm is happy with the tutorial, will be developed further