I really didn’t want to go this route, but in an attempt to keep both vocal minorities happy, a change to rating display is coming in real soon.
In case you wonder which minorities I’m talking about, I’m talking about both the “oh my god I can’t live without seeing ratings for everyone” and the “oh my god ratings are so totally irrelevant” camp, both of whom have trouble explaining why their stance is “the best” or why I should even care.
To solve this issue once and for all (I hope), ratings are now no longer displayed as a WN7, WN8, or in the future WNx value, but instead come in 3 flavors: average, above average, and below average. How far above or below is not part of the scheme. It will just be a very rough indication as to whether someone who maybe isn’t that good at the game has pulled off an awesome match, or whether that person who is really damn good at the game just had a bum match.
This is also the start of the point where I will no longer pay attention to tickets, or pm’s about ratings and their display; any reported issues for ratings will be closed as “wontfix”, and any pm’s will be ignored.