A few new “big” things are coming, hopefully, sometime in February.
First on the list, privacy controls. For a while the only option you had was to make a replay public or hidden, and hidden meaning that anyone with the proper link could still see it. Not a super big deal but I’ve been hearing from clans that they want to use the battle viewer and heatmap as a tool to get better@tanks; and there’s the rub, if you give the link out on a clan forum, it’s still more or less a “public” replay. So changes will be coming and replays will have 4 different privacy settings:

  • Public: This means that anyone and their dog (and maybe the kitchen sink) can view the replay.
  • Unlisted: This is the previous “hidden” setting, anyone with the direct link to the replay page can in fact view the replay.
  • Private: This means that only you (well, the person who recorded the replay to be precise) can view the replay.
  • Clan: And this means that only people currently in the same clan as the replays’ recorder was in when the replay was recorded can view the replay. Oh, and whoever recorded it can of course always see it.

Besides the limits on who can view things, the privacy settings also influence whether or not someone sees the replay on the front page or when browsing replays; an example being someone from the same clan browses the site, they will see all replays marked as ‘Clan’ level privacy, but Joe Q. Random Pubbeh won’t see them at all.
The second feature that will be making an appearance is distributed processing; the site’s replay processor is quite a heavy thing due to the need to unpack and decrypt a replay, and it can take up to a minute to process a single replay. This has been sped up somewhat in the past by having multiple processors running on the server, but it does eat up memory and CPU at that stage. Since offers have come in from people who have a spare server or high-end workstation sitting around doing not much at all, a distributed processing network will be put in place. The good part is that anyone can help out with that; you can download a simple application that you can run on said spare server or workstation, and it will automatically join the pool of processors. Of course, you can start it only at certain times, or limit it as to how many replays it will process per hour. The advantages here are that the site can now deal with many, many more replays being uploaded, and as an additional benefit, if you run a processor, you will be indirectly donating to the site. So I guess you could say you can donate cash, or CPU cycles
Third, hopefully after #2 is completed, vbAddict.net wlll again start cross-posting replays to the site. We’ve done that in the past, and Phalynx has indicated he sees no issues doing it again.
Fourth, and this is a very, very tentative one, is the replay to Youtube video conversion. This one will get it’s very own post…