Hello everyone,

here we are, roughly three and a half months since the blog started, with one million views. First and foremost, I'd like to thank all my readers, your interest and support is very appreciated and does make it worth doing.

And the future?

Well, here's where it gets a bit complicated. I will definitely keep posting the translations here, no worries. The Facebook page I created yesterday is only complementary, you can "like" it and get your updates via Facebook, if that's your thing - if not, no problem, you definitely don't have to. I am very conservative, I change as little as possible.

As for other content however, I seem to find myself at a crossroads. I won't lie - ever since the EU forum ban, the traffic dropped considerably (roughly by one third). Naturally, I don't want something I've been doing for months to die the "death by thousand cuts". There are currently two ways possible, which I am considering.

One is going "back to the fold" - removing all the leaked content from this site, so it is allowed to be linked again and focusing mostly on translations and historical articles and game proposals. It's the nice and neat solution I guess. Second would be going full illegal, publishing further leaks (I guess even the nasty stuff I haven't published yet). This would eventually probably lead to losing my ingame account though. Not that I care too much, yesterday was the first day in ages I played more than one-two battles. Still... not sure.

Currently I am (very slowly) on my way to the first solution, but we'll see how it goes, everything should be decided next week (hopefully).