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Thread: battle result wont upload

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    battle result wont upload

    really dissapointed, had a great game and it recorded 3 of the battle reports but missed the really good one

    Log says: 20:46:02: Active Dossier Uploader v3.0.6.1 20:46:02: Online: ADU is now working online. 20:46:02: File added for upload: 14346582919747.dat 20:46:02: Dossier Add Queue: NRXWO2LOFZYDCLTXN5ZGYZDPMZ2GC3TLOMXGK5J2GIYDAMJWHN5GS4DZGEZDI===.dat 20:46:02: File added for upload: (redirect from 20:46:05: Uploading BattleResult: 14346582919747.dat 20:46:05: Uploading BattleResult: 14346582919747.dat FAILED! 20:46:05: Error: Battle Result is incompatible. 20:46:05: Uploading Dossier: (redirect from 20:46:06: Uploading Dossier: (redirect from was a SUCCESS (41 kb/s) 20:46:37: File added for upload: 20140211_2024_uk-GB20_Crusader_13_erlenberg.wotreplay 20:46:37: Uploading Replay: 20140211_2024_uk-GB20_Crusader_13_erlenberg.wotreplay 20:46:44: File added for upload: 20140211_2031_japan-Chi_He_15_komarin.wotreplay 20:46:44: File added for upload: 20140211_2036_japan-Ke_Ni_01_karelia.wotreplay 20:46:44: File added for upload: 20140211_2038_ussr-SU-100_13_erlenberg.wotreplay 20:46:47: Uploading Replay: 20140211_2024_uk-GB20_Crusader_13_erlenberg.wotreplay was a SUCCESS (89 kb/s) 20:46:47: Uploading Replay: 20140211_2031_japan-Chi_He_15_komarin.wotreplay 20:46:54: Uploading Replay: 20140211_2031_japan-Chi_He_15_komarin.wotreplay was a SUCCESS (89 kb/s) 20:46:54: Uploading Replay: 20140211_2036_japan-Ke_Ni_01_karelia.wotreplay 20:46:58: Uploading Replay: 20140211_2036_japan-Ke_Ni_01_karelia.wotreplay was a SUCCESS (87 kb/s) 20:46:58: Uploading Replay: 20140211_2038_ussr-SU-100_13_erlenberg.wotreplay 20:47:10: Uploading Replay: 20140211_2038_ussr-SU-100_13_erlenberg.wotreplay was a SUCCESS (69 kb/s)

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    Do you have BRR installed? You have missed a lot of battles.

    Regarding the 14346582919747.dat, it seems that file is not compatible. Do you have it somewhere?


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