A huge update went live earlier today that brought near-full internationalization to the entire site. That basically means that as soon as someone translates the site’s text strings into another language, you can browse the site in that language. Currently we’re working on Dutch, Danish, Malaysian and Vietnamese. Funky stuff!
Also a few things will change with OpenID signins, up to now I’ve piggy-backed it on Wargaming’s OpenID server directly, and that works – but with the advent of the WG API, it’s more convenient to sign you in through that, because it’ll let me set expiry times and such things. The drawback to this is that support for the*Russian and*Korean cluster has been dropped until I find myself an application ID for them. I can’t seem to register on the Russian Wargaming site because the SMS verification I need to do in order to add a phone number on my account really doesn’t like sending an SMS to an Indonesian number. Shocking, that… but I’ll need an honest to god proper Russian application ID for the WG DPP before I can enable access for Russia.
It’s being worked on, at any rate. This also means that your login will eventually expire, I currently have a timeout on it of one week. After a week, you’ll have to log in again.