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Thread: Multiple acc

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    Multiple acc

    Hi Phalynx
    Like your site but didn't have much time to delve into it,I used the manual uploader before, but my main site has been wot stats, now that is not being developed further decided to adopt your site, I have three different accounts for my son and daughter as well, with the Saiman stat site you did not have to do anything to switch from viewing one account to the next they're all active , however it seems that with the auto uploader I have to turn it of before I can restart if we change places am I correct or completely missing something? Sorry for the long winded post, I appreciate what you're doing btw. great site.

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    Hi Leadpiper,

    WOT Statistics is not dead, I will continue that.

    ADU can handle multiple accounts, you need to go to Configuration and just select another dossier/account and confirm with ok.


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