So after my earlier musing, I did some more of it and was rudely interrupted by an email from my domain registrar informing me that the domain will be expiring soonish, and that I should go and renew it.

Talk about a question right there...

I've heard (via email and IM) from a few other 3rd party site owners (and some programmer types) that WG seems to be very much interested in all sorts of ideas, but not in cooperation with anyone; they just want to hear the ideas.

It sounds altogether too familiar given my interactions with WG's eSports coordinators.

The question up on the table right now is what to do? I still play WoT, yes. Do I enjoy it? Well, yes, to an extent - it lets me do some quick FPS style play here and there, and it's moderately entertaining. But do I really enjoy running Not so much, really. It's a lot of work to maintain, due to it having gone from hobby project to something big to something horridly outdated to something hurriedly patched up and made to work again.

So it's a lot of work to handle it all. With the projected changes to the replay system coming, it really makes you sit and think about whether it's worth it in the long run; it does cost a decent amount of money on a monthly basis to keep the site hosted, and my time realistically isn't free either. I made the decision to spend that money because a guy needs a hobby, but it seems that if it's becoming impossible or at best annoyingly complicated to keep things running, then what?

It's like sitting in limbo waiting to see how that new replay system will work.

Comments welcome.