- someone asked StorM, whether the events in Cyprus (eg. government, backed by EU stealing 10 percent of all the bank deposits) did hit Wargaming greatly, Storm said it's not an answer to the developers
- Q: "Why was my question whether the developers are arty players ignored?" A: "Because it's simply stupid. Noone will run from floor to floor and ask people 'dear person, are you an arty player?'"
- new modules for tanks are planned in medium timeframe (SS: that means roughly a year - what this means is for example multiple new guns guns for vehicles so there are more equal builds per vehicle per vehicle possible), it's possible there will be even new module categories
- splash damage is calculated from the damage of the shell (SS: what this means is - from what I can tell - that it doesn't get calculated into the "potential damage" value, as it is derived as secondary)
- current tier 8 arties are scheduled to be switched to tier 9 or 10 (SS: currently, only tier 10 is considered for the switch though, the tier 9 is there to "cover the backs" in case current tier 8 arties are underpowered at tier 10)
- according to Storm, it is not true that one algorhitm is responsible for all the game's randomly generated numbers (damage, penetration etc.)
- regarding the question who gets the kill when two tanks shoot at the enemy at the same time: "Frag will go to the person, whose shot the server processes first."
- if I understand this correctly, additional equipment/module "appliqué armor" (eg. for example German Schurzen) confirmed
- tank camo value does not change depending on whether the tank is facing you with its front or with its side
- Wargaming has no clear algorhitm, that would set the camo value based on vehicle size (eg. each vehicle has its camo value set individually based on "common sense") (SS: we all know what THAT means, right? *stares at German vehicles*)

A few random pieces of information:

On the Russian developer blog, a Chinese guy wrote an interesting article, what the Chinese server looks like. I planned to translate that, but ITDude from US server made it faster, so here's the link on his thread. It's pretty interesting.

Also, Overlord will go by the end of the week to meet with some EU and NA head honchos regarding the community. He is asking for your opinion in his blog post, be sure to visit it.