It seems that somehow roaming is implemented for the test server these days, what happens is that I now get replays where your account ID remains the same as your regular one, but your name is appended with the cluster you’re “really” from. Before that never used to be a problem because test server replays generally only showed up at a time where a new release was pending, but more have been showing for the “current” version.
Since the site tends to assume that your name is unique (and it is), replays you upload for the test server sort of vanish out of your profile since, according to the site, you don’t “own” them. The name is different, after all. It also doesn’t make them easier to see in lists, because now for all intents and purposes they look like any other replay.
So a few changes will be coming, player browsing will operate off a new link that includes the account ID, and some shenanigans take place with the name display to strip off any excess bits that are indicative of test server usage. So I can basically tag them appropriately, and have them show up in your profile as they should appear.
It does mean that there will be a short 10 minute timespan where you may see ridiculously weird results for browsing and filtering while the database gets updated.