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Thread: T-50-2 & MT-25 Tank overview

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    Question T-50-2 & MT-25 Tank overview

    Why are both the T-50-2 and the MT-25 listed and a duplicate of each other?

    I've driven the MT-25 after the T-50-2 change. So it's not differentiating between the two vehicles (I was not uploading data to VBA yet, when I was driving the MT-25. So that may be something to consider). But the statistics are the same except WN7/8. I expect the difference in WN7/8 is because of their respective tier differences. But I would also ask, is this taken into total stats? Do we count the battles twice, to include both vehicles as if you've played both twice as much? Does it just include one or the others stats in overall statistics?

    I would have thought stats would have been ported over to the MT-25 from the T-50-2, or it would have kept the T-50-2 games separate from MT-25's games. But a doubling of the games?

    I'm just confused, and wondering if anyone else also has this issue? Or if this is a bug, or intended? And if it's intended, why?

    Thanks in advance.

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    im guessing here, but WG replaced the T-50-2 with the MT-25, taking my old and giving me the new. Hence its my guess that the two tanks share the same ID# in game. I doubt they changed it in the source code on their end, so VBAddict sees it as the "same" tank...
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