For a while the filtering on the site has been, well, “adequate” is about the way to describe it. It’s got it’s roots in the fact that way back, a long, long time ago… in a galaxy not too far away from here… the code base of was in fact an EVE Online killboard.
The way things are displayed on those differs rather significantly from what is these days, and as such the filtering capabilities are starting to become limiting. Things I want to do is have the ability to filter on just about any bit of data in a replay, so you can do things like seeing all encounter matches on Redshire where the player won, played on the north team, played in a Waffletrager, got his ace badge, and earned a cool-headed on top. Or basically search for any and all replays where someone was awarded a ‘Lucky’ medal. Or maybe all replays for M18′s with more than 2k damage done. Or… the list goes on.
To do that, the structure of the site is going to change. Some of it has been in place for a while already – the map, vehicle, player and clan browse pages are in fact just a little window dressing around the main browse page; they basically drag it into a dark alley, beat it senseless, and then make it do what they want it to do. That will now get turned around; the main browse page is the one and only place where you can filter things. But all other pages will basically link to it, and will feed it a pre-defined set of filter criteria.
Call it a shortcut, if you will. So for example seeing all M18 replays just throws you to the browse page but pre-sets that you want to see M18′s only. And so on, and so forth, and you can then fine-tune the search to your liking.
Rather big change, rather big project. Along with that one comes the need to change how things link up; as mentioned in a previous post about player linking, what with test server replays and the possibility of roaming (even though it seems to be on the back burner) becoming more prevalent, it’s gotten a bit iffy. The advantages of linking things by account ID are that if you ever get a name change, your “old” replays still show on your profile. Oh, well, and people can see you had a name change, but I’ll consider that a good thing.
All in all still plenty of work to do – on that note, a reminder again that the code is open source, and you are allowed to fork it to your hearts content.You can find it on – and no worries, any pull requests will be gladly received. Whether they get merged is another story, but generally anything that fixes typos, fixes bugs, or otherwise does something I overlooked (or didn’t want to do) is merged in.