Probably this will cause some wailing and gnashing of teeth here and there, but I had to change the layout around some.
The top navigation bar works fine if you’re in any resolution over 1280 wide, but if you’re browsing on an old laptop or an old desktop, the navigation bar doesn’t degrade cleanly and starts folding over. That’s not even taking into account the fact that some of the translations (Dutch and German for example) tend to use much longer words, making the problem even worse.
That’s gotten fixed. The “Home” page is where you will now find most of your browsing pleasure, it still starts you off with the newest replays, but any change to the filter (or even browsing to the next page) flips you into the old “Browse” mode. Not that you’ll notice beyond a few textual changes, the URL’s still stay the same.
The former “Players”, “Clans”, “Maps” and “Vehicles” menu options have been folded under “Browse” – which now happens to be a dropdown. At least it now makes sense, before it wasn’t always clear that the first 5 menu options in fact did the exact same thing, they just got you there in a different way.
I also brought the top bar back into the main “container” as it were, having it at the top of the page wasn’t a bad look but I still kind of prefer the way it is now.
Carry on!