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Thread: Dossier Wont Upload

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    Dossier Wont Upload 11:46:36 PM: Active Dossier Uploader v3.0.6.1 11:46:36 PM: Online: ADU is now working online. 11:46:36 PM: Dossier Add Queue: NRXWO2LOFVYDCLTXN5ZGYZDPMZ2GC3TLOMXGG33NHIZDAMBRGY5US3TTOBSWG5DPOJBGKYLO.dat 11:46:36 PM: File added for upload: (redirect from 11:46:39 PM: Uploading Dossier: (redirect from 11:46:40 PM: Uploading Dossier: (redirect from FAILED! 11:46:40 PM: Error: Dossier Cache is incompatible.

    Above is the error message I get, I get an error when trying to upload to the site manually as well. Battle Reports Upload fine.

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    Same here. Incompatible Cache error.

    Manual site upload tells me it's not .dat file I'm pointing to - but it clearly is my usual cache .dat.

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    I get this repeatedly also, other then that I love vbaddict

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