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Thread: For the Record: Ads coming to World of Tanks?

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    For the Record: Ads coming to World of Tanks?

    Hello everyone, what’s your opinion on ads and ad spam in general? I personally hate it. I understand the importance of having ads for example on small independent sites, but in general… well, you know how it is on the internet. I am equally as annoyed by Wargaming advertising stuff not related to (me playing) World of Tanks by those messages in lower right corner, for example - advertising e-sports (nope thanks) - advertising streams (nope) Well, the Russian server reached kinda “new level” with advertising Sergei Burkatovsky’s (SerB’s) book “Main Date” within World of Tanks. It says “The book of the main game-designer of World of Tanks, Sergei Burkatovsky’s “Main Date” is available for online purchase in book stores. More details on the portal!”. Hmmm… I hope it’s not a sign of things to come. By the way, the book itself sounds interesting (if I recall correctly, it’s about a man falling through time to the time of WW2, warning the Soviets about impending German invasion), but this is not something I would read in original (reading cyrillic is okay for FTR, but it’s tiring for a late-evening sit-down with a book) and I doubt it will ever be translated to English, because from what I heard, SerB’s literature has the “RUSSIA MUCH STRONK” elements, that would… not sit well with western audience. But that’s just hearsay.


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    No way. WG would be making a mistake here. They have a major customer base who pay money to get premium benefits from the game. Throwing spam and ads into the mix just to make a buck is going to annoy the mostly-satisfied customer base they have, and potentially push some away. For the newer players ads would be a hindrance to prevent them from coming back for more. Part of what makes the game so addicting at first, aside from the tremendous, and mostly fair playing, is the fact that newer players are not constantly hounded with ads. The game itself is an ad for WG, telling you that you would do better if you payed... So at some point almost every player is going to pony up for gold to buy garage slots, or a premium account.

    I doubt that any grumbling from the customer base would hinder them from going full-steam ahead though. So I hope they do something to limit/eliminate ads and spam for those using a premium account. I dont know who really clicks on the ads and buys product anyway. The rest of the internet is clustered with ads, typical internet users are already saturated with over-marketed junk product.

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    My thought about this are similar, they would shot in their own knees. I think that advertising of that book of SerB was there as it is related to Tanks.


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