The problem with replays not having a battle result is partially fixed; well, mostly.
Let me refer back to this previous post, I’ve gone for the first option. When a replay is uploaded without battle result, the parser attempts to reconstruct as much data as possible, right now it’s pretty limited though. After it’s done that, the replay is stored as a “minimal” replay; by default they are unlisted, and can not be altered from that setting. You also can’t really view them, all it will give you is a very limited view with the download link. Embedding is also not possible because generally there’s not enough data to even construct a preview banner.
What is the purpose then? Well, mostly just to have the replay file around. Some of the partial statistics can also be used by the competition managing module to make those replays count towards a competition goal, as long as the parser has actually been able to extract the needed data.
To avoid any misconceptions: a replay not having a battle result is a function of the World of Tanks game client; if you leave a match early, the replay will not have a battle result written to it. The fact that the parser can to a certain extent reconstruct the data is due to a serious dose of reverse engineering the packet stream, and is by no means 100% accurate. Complaints about incorrect data on minimal replays will be relegated to the circular file.*
Now, that being said. I will also implement my 2nd option and have a module that will retrieve the battle result after the match, and will upload it to the site where it’ll be kept around for a month. If within that month a replay is uploaded that does not have a battle result, but the battle result happens to be stored, we’ll process it as usual. Every so often, any replays that were stored as minimal ones will be checked to see if the battle result happens to be available, and if it is, it will be “upgraded” to a full replay after it’s been processed again.
The first part will be going live sometime on Friday, the second part, well… as soon as I have put together a WoT module that doesn’t crash the game, I’ll let you know…