- Storm on Improved ventilation: Ventilation gives bonus to all skills, to which a bonus can be given. Eg. the bonus should be disoplayed everywhere. There is one catch: the bonus from ventilation is given also to the commander and he - in turn - gives his increased commander bonus to the other members of the crew. So, the total bonus is recieved - 5 percent for the commander and more than 5 percent for the rest of the crew
- the only way how to win when the enemy captured your base (base captured! text displayed) is within the 5 seconds from the capture to destroy the entire enemy team
- the difference in damage between the Soviet and Chinese Zis-4 gun is given by the "gun specifics"
- the 5 second timer between the base capture and the end of the battle is resetted by the destruction of any vehicle - friendly or enemy
- T-90 (as a T-80 variant) AA tank will not be introduced in forseeable future, the top gun of the T-60 is not the 14,5mm MG.
- the ammo rack hitbox is not separated into shells and casings, nor is it planned
- so far, the devs haven't found proper additional skill ideas for the loader
- IS-2 with M52-T2 planned as a tier 8 premium? "Theoretically - possible, practically there is not enough information on it and Soviet Union already has a tier 8 heavy"
- apparently, there is a new sophisticated bot program for WoT, that not only drives around, but also fights. SerB states that bots, that simulate regular game are not dealt with automatically, they have to be reported by players and statistics are then checked in order to deal with them
- currently there are no plans to introduce the Soviet light tank "Object 795"
- apparently ELC will not be renamed to historically correct ELC Bis
- Overlord might return to work on World of Tanks a bit more
- according to Overlord, 8.6 will contain something game-wise - a major feature, announcement will follow (SS: speculation based on hints - Havok)
- rumor has it there might be additional landing spots planned for Clanwars

Oh and something that made me laugh today:

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