You may have noticed heatmaps on battles have been disabled, and that the global heatmaps aren’t updating anymore.
Due to renovations, really. The current implementation of heatmaps is very naive and only records locations, adjusted a bit by a multiplication factor that’s based on the distance of said location from the distance of the recorder at the time the location was received. It worked half-decent and actually displayed the movement of a battle quite well, but…
For the global heatmap, it turned the entire map into a big angry red blotch. Given enough replays, eventually every point on the map (well, more or less) will have been visited at least once. And with a traditional heatmap generator that averages values inside a certain radius, you end up with a none-too-accurate representaion.
So I’m revamping heatmaps to be drawn a bit different, they’ll most likely turn out similar to vbAddict’s heatmaps in the way they look, but will have a few changes made to them to cut down on the amount of images that need to be loaded if you want to see different representations of heatmaps.
Heatmaps in general will be displayed the same; for battle heatmaps, team locations (and colors) are accurate for the battle, for the global heatmaps, the “green” team is always team 1. Initially they’ll show both team movements, but you can disable (and enable) other overlays; such as removing one team, or showing movements based on vehicle class, and so on.
It’ll take a while to get done, but no worries, heatmaps will return soon(tm).