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Thread: Renamed my Wargaming/WoT account, merging them on vbaddict?

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    Question Renamed my Wargaming/WoT account, merging them on vbaddict?

    Hi so I recently had my WoT account renamed and the changes took effect today.
    Now logging on here I see that I have now two profiles on this site, the stats on my old account "foolonparade" did not (yet?) carry over to my new profile "KamonegiX".
    Is there something that can be done about that like manually merging them or re-nameing the old profile to the new name here? Or does it just need some time and it will happen automatically?

    Either way, if the accounts here could be merged as well that would be pretty neat since I'd like to "keep" my stats from the "foolonparade" profile.
    Thanks for any information regarding this!

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    Merger was a success.

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    I have the same issue. Is this automatic?

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    @Quickstrike: looking at the following Thread it seems that Phalynx does all this stuff manually. You can just ask there and he will handle everything.


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