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Thread: Missing data online

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    Missing data online

    Something is not right. One stat says 13 battles, other says 17... I have only fought public battles with KV-4. No training, clan or company or anything else.

    The real amount is 19 battles. WoT client tells me that. All dossier files have been uploaded, as far as I know. I have ADU running all the time.

    The date of the last battle is also wrong. I have played with KV-4 today (22.3.2013)

    In the list, no tank has the 12h sign beside them, even though I have 19 tanks and I certainly have played with many of them today.

    Is there a way to upload all the back up files to your site at once? That way I could make sure everything's in place. I have already asked this in another thread, with no answer.

    EDIT: I suspect ADU uses wrong dossier file. See project tracker for more.
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    This is probably the bug which has been fixed in 2.2.7.

    The profile redirect from p1 and p2 to login-master is correct, as you would otherwise lose your data here. You need to select the correct latest dossier file, look for the date.


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