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Thread: Not uploading, server busy, replays

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    Not uploading, server busy, replays

    I'm having trouble with uploading replays.
    I just downloaded the ADU and had over 8,000 repalys to upload. The replays were uploading before some of the battle results so i moved some of the replays out of the replay folder so it wouldnt have to upload as much before it started uploading battle reports and other useful data.
    i moved the replays back into the replay folder but now it just says the server is busy and it will do this
    Code: 6:51:15 PM: Uploading Replay: 20120613_1558_germany-Grille_monastery.wotreplay  - offline 6:51:20 PM: Server is busy, adding file to offline cache for later upload.
    ive restarted the program and it has uploaded a dossier file that was changed but it still wont upload the replay and i can't "cancel" the upload.
    any idea what might be wrong?

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    Please provide me the logfiles of ADU so I can take a look what's going on internally


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