Hello everyone,

as you might have heard, Russian WoT client recieved a special voiceover, made by Russian popular actors (sorry, I have no idea who they are and I have most likely never seen any movie with them). With that in mind, I have a few questions for you, my dear readers.

Just a quick summary of the unrelated previous poll though: most players (unsurprisingly) prefer historical realism in vehicles, combined with reasonable balance. Makes sense and that was my choice too. Back to the sound then:


Do you play with sounds on? If so, would you actually like a voiceover done by a famous actor? I am now speaking about the English localisation (I am sure each European country has famous actors of their own, but the other nations probably don't know them). So, which actor could you imagine as the WoT voice?


A new poll is up. What music do you listen to, when you play WoT? Please, vote, comment under this post - and if you want to, add some examples (for example from Youtube) of what you listen to. I am rather curious, what most players listen to. As for the music itself, I am not an expert, sorry - in case I forgot some genre, just write a comment. Oh, and you can vote for more answers than just one.

Personally, I listen to AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Mark Knopfler (the new album is brilliant), Rush (totally addicted to 2112), Czech country and folk music, Irish and Scottish folk and ballads, Bon Jovi (Bon Jovi rocks.... on occasion :) )