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As some of you know, Wargaming recently (few months back) acquired the Gas Powered Games studio, led by the known game designer Chris Taylor. What it meant was that their prepared game called Wildman was basically scrapped and currently, Chris Taylor revealed his studio is working on a "big free-to-play MMO under the Wargaming name" - so it's probably not any of the studio's previous franchises. It means that GPG get to develop their own separate project and won't be participating on the currently running ones.
Currently, people who left the studio during its unsuccessful Kickstarter attempt to finance the Wildman are returning - plus GPG is hiring additional people. The game is apparently developed for PC and Chris Taylor says he's not sorry he's not independent anymore, as GPG and WG have a lot in common (V. Kislyi, WG CEO loves Chris Taylor's Total Annihilation).