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Thread: I'd like a performance rating within my teams...

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    I'd like a performance rating within my teams...
    This post was made as an issue

    I'm a data analyst by trade, so useful data is important to me. I'm new, under 700 battles so far, so when I look at my WN8 rating I'm in the very bottom "BAD" category.

    OK that's fair, I'm learning to play, I accept that. I noticed my rating is inching up if I compare my rating week to week.

    I started to look at the post-fight team reports, and I was consistantly in the middle of my random battle team results when looking at experience gained.

    Wait, what? If I was "BAD", wouldn't I be often at the bottom of that report?

    So why would my WN8 rating be so bad if 48% of my teammates do worse than me?

    Let's say I'm in a battle and I do the second best performance on my team, but my team lost to an opposing team and most of the opposing team earned experience more than the best player on my team. ** Being the second best on my team should be rewarded, because my teammate's performance has a HUGE effect on the outcome of MY batttle... but when looking at experience gained on BOTH teams I'm way down the list. In other words I need a measurement that reports how I did within the context of my battles, NOT the entire population of World of Tanks!

    I'm not suggesting the WN8 rating be scrapped or even modified, but I'd like to see a separate rating that shows how I'm performing in relation to my teams, which to me is a MUCH more useful metric to look at over time.

    So now I keep a piece of paper at my desk and I write down my team position by experience gained after each battle, then average them at the end of the day. 5/15, 6/15, 11/15 (my worst of the day), 3/15, etc. I ended up with 48% for the day after 10 battles. THIS is the best measure I've found so far that shows my peformance and the number I want to improve.


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    The experience shown in the team roster is already some kind of rating. It's cleaned from any bonuses like first victory and premium.

    Nice idea with that position, don't know if it makes really sense, however it does not require much power to calculate.

    Here is the tracker:


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