Still working on the replay comments, since I got distracted by some other shiny stuff…
But anyway, upcoming features this month somewhere, first the “simple” things:

  • Commenting on replays (yay); moderation will be handled by yours truly.
  • Ability to set a “preferred” upload type in your settings, so any time you click upload it’ll either take you to the single file uploader or the batch uploader, to save on some clicking
  • Ability to permanently delete a replay; it will remove the replay file, as well as the replay data from the site completely
  • Ability to allow or deny commenting on a per-replay basis, and to set a default in your settings

And here’s a few bigger things:

  • Google Drive integration; this means that you can connect to your Google Drive; any replays uploaded to Google Drive will be automatically fetched and processed. It won’t function as a backup service, however, that’s where the next bits come in
  • Amazon S3 backups; this will be a*premium feature, meaning it will actually cost you money (but not too much); once enabled, all your replays will be synchronised with Amazon’s S3 cloud storage, in the event of some sort of catastrophic meltdown, they can be re-processed easy as pie. Or cake, whatever your preference